Powering artisanal towards sustainability.
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Our Approach

Our product line that advances sustainability

Fishing lamps

We have developed a solar alternative to the currently used pressurised kerosene lanterns

Cold Storage Units

We are developing community storage units for the fishing communities in which we operate.

Electric Flower Mills

We are currently developing a convertible electric flour mill for communities in Tanzania and India.

Our Work

This Is Why We Exist

We believe in utilising renewable energy solutions to improve daily activities and actually increase incomes - not just make access to energy cheaper.

What we do
Our core focus is modernising the incredibly productive fishing industry of Lake Victoria. Together with our end users, we design and develop solar alternatives to improve their livelihoods and their communities. As a socially driven company, people profit planet is our bottom line.

Our reason for action
Our first product is a solar alternative used to attract sardines at night, replacing the unreliable, costly and dangerous pressurised kerosene lanterns currently used.

Sagar Testimonial

What partners and users say about Sagar

Sagar at Merit360

Sagar Energy Solutions was developed through Merit360, the World’s leading youth platform dedicated to tackle the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, organised by World Merit in collaboration with the United Nations. With our combined skillet, knowledge and partners, we directly aim to build on plans and strategies designed to achieve the SDGs.

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If you prefer a direct email, please email info@sagarenergysolutions.re